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A Glimpse into the World of Combat Sports: The Rise of Strikers and the Importance of Grappling

Episode 11 of the OverDogs Podcast provides a unique and insightful glimpse into the world of combat sports, specifically mixed martial arts (MMA), where striking and grappling play integral roles. This article will delve into the importance of striking and grappling in MMA and how fighters are adapting their strategies to succeed in the octagon.

The world of MMA has seen a tremendous rise in strikers who possess dynamite in their hands, such as Jamal Hill, who is known for his striking prowess, however, grappling remains a crucial aspect of MMA. The podcast participants Sedriques Dumas, Mike Perry, Ice Bagz and Mac Mally highlight how fighters are focusing on their defensive wrestling skills to prevent opponents from taking them down, while also honing their offensive wrestling skills to gain an advantage in the octagon.

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Sedriques Dumas who is known for his striking abilities, shares his thoughts on how he has had to adapt his game to succeed in the UFC. He explains that while he loves to strike, grappling is a significant part of MMA, and he has had to focus on improving his defensive and offensive wrestling skills. He goes on to discuss the importance of having a strong cardio to outlast opponents and take advantage of opportunities to strike when opponents are tired from grappling.

This shift in strategy is a testament to the evolution of MMA and the need for fighters to be well-rounded and versatile in their skill set. Strikers are recognizing the importance of grappling to prevent being taken down and dominated by opponents who excel in wrestling or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Similarly, grapplers are working on their striking skills to stand toe-to-toe with opponents and not be at a disadvantage when the fight stays on the feet.

The podcast also touches on the importance of cardio in MMA, as fighters need to have the stamina to endure the grueling pace of a fight, whether it be striking or grappling. The fighter interviewed in the podcast emphasizes the need to gas out opponents through defensive and offensive wrestling, which can then create opportunities to strike and potentially finish the fight.

In conclusion, the world of combat sports, particularly MMA, is constantly evolving, with fighters adapting their strategies and skill sets to succeed in the octagon. Strikers are recognizing the importance of grappling, and vice versa, to become well-rounded fighters capable of competing at the highest level. Cardio and the ability to outlast opponents also play a crucial role in a fighter’s success. The insights provided in the OverDogs Podcast provide a fascinating glimpse into the strategies and mindset of fighters as they prepare for battle in the octagon.

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