Josh Mclean - CEO

A lifelong entrepreneur who has built and sold dozens of businesses. Turned full-time blockchain in 2018 and has been pioneering ever since.


David Nam - Head of Marketing

David Nam is an award-winning communications and full-stack marketing head with over two decades of experience in the Arts and culture, Music, Tech, Media, Entertainment, CPG, and Fortune 500 industries across the US, CA, EU, UK, UAE, and APAC markets. In his last role, David spearheaded the Culture and Music marketing and communications efforts for Red Bull and Red Bull Media House North America.

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Cedric Guerin - Creative Director

Creative technologist with over 20 years of big ad agency and digital media experience creating campaigns, branding, and experiences for the likes of Dell, Alienware, AT&T, BMW, Burger King, Patron, Hertz and many more.

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Liam McNulty - Head of Operations

Liam McNulty is an accomplished blockchain technology professional with extensive experience managing Web 3 projects and driving digital innovation on a global scale. He is a PMP & diploma qualified project manager with 15 years running multi million dollar projects across a multitude of roles, from the coal face through to Operations Management

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