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Chito Vera’s Watch Collection and His Passion Beyond the Octagon

In the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), fighters are often recognized for their prowess in the ring, their training regimen, and their victories. However, there’s a personal side to these warriors that often goes unnoticed. 

Marlon Chito Vera, a renowned UFC Top 5 Bantamweight, is not just a formidable force in the octagon but also a passionate watch enthusiast, a side of him that came to light during the OverDogs Podcast Episode 6.

“Let’s talk about that watch collection, Chito”, Ice Bagz, the host, initiated the conversation. Chito’s response was as candid as it was enlightening. “I love watches. If I see an opportunity, I buy watches. I don’t really wear them every day. If I go out to the mall for dinner, I will wear a watch,” he shared. This revelation offers a glimpse into the Ecuadorian fighter’s life beyond his grueling training sessions and intense fights.

Chito’s choice of watches isn’t impulsive. Like his fighting style, there’s a strategy, a discerning eye that seeks out pieces that resonate with his personality. In the world of horology, collectors often gravitate towards timepieces that not only hold monetary value but also have a story, a character that aligns with the wearer. Chito’s collection, though not extensively detailed in the podcast, can be imagined to be a mix of classic, robust, and intricate designs, each watch a testament to a particular moment or achievement in his life.

The connection between a fighter and his watch collection is symbolic. Renowned personalities like Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather  have often flaunted their extravagant watch collections. Each timepiece, with its intricate mechanics and timeless design, mirrors the precision, skill, and timeless talent of the fighter. Chito, with every watch in his collection, not only embraces a piece of art but also a moment of his journey, a journey marked by relentless training, victories, and lessons.

In the podcast, Chito’s focus remained unwavering on his fighting career. “I’ve been beating world champions… My next fight is either for the world title or it’s a huge fight, either way, it’s great for me and my career,” he asserted. His confidence is not misplaced. With a notable win over “Suga” Sean O’Malley, Chito’s trajectory in the UFC is observed with keen interest by fans and critics alike.

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Chito Vera is not just a fighter aiming for the next UFC bantamweight title; he’s a man of depth, passion, and precision, much like the watches he so cherishes. As fans, critics, and fellow fighters watch his journey unfold, the ticking hands of his watches will mark each moment, each victory, echoing the relentless march of a warrior in the octagon. In the dance between time and talent, Chito is a symphony of strikes, each echoing the ticks of his cherished timepieces.

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E6 • S1 Chito Vera & Brandon Moreno talk about upcoming fights, life and the UFC

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