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OverDogs Podcast Episode 15 with David Haney Rundown

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The OverDogs Podcast Episode 15 is a lively and engaging podcast primarily focused on the world of combat sports, featuring discussions with and about prominent fighters. The hosts, Ice Bagz, Mike Perry, and Mac Mally, delve into various topics related to UFC, MMA, and boxing, interspersing humor and personal anecdotes throughout the episode.

Key points discussed in this week’s episode include:

Devin Haney’s Career and Philosophy

Devin Haney, a noted boxer, talks about his approach to fighting, emphasizing his desire to prove himself by taking on challengers across different weight classes. He expresses a strong commitment to testing himself against the best fighters, a trait he believes sets him apart from others.

Fight Preparation and Sparring

The conversation shifts to the intricacies of preparing for fights. Mike Perry shares insights on selecting sparring partners, the necessity of training with a variety of fighters (including those who are heavier or have different fighting styles), and the challenges of finding suitable training environments.

Weight Classes in Combat Sports

There’s a detailed discussion about the need for more weight classes in UFC to accommodate fighters who fall between the existing categories. This topic leads to a comparison with the weight class system in boxing, highlighting the differences in approach between the two sports.

Personal Experiences and Humor

Throughout the podcast, the hosts and guests share personal stories and humorous anecdotes, contributing to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This includes lighthearted banter about personal routines, life experiences, and playful jabs at each other.

Future Fights and Speculations

The episode also touches on upcoming fights, with Devin Haney mentioning his next fight in San Francisco and Mike Perry discussing his own upcoming bare-knuckle fight. The conversation also includes speculations about potential matchups and the business side of arranging high-profile fights.

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The episode encapsulates the vibrant world of combat sports through candid discussions, blending technical insights with personal stories and humor.

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