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A Masterclass with Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson

In Episode 3 of the OverDogs Podcast, masterfully hosted by Ice Bagz alongside co-hosts UFC Veteran Sam Alvey and Twitter Influencer MacMally, the spotlight shone brightly on UFC legend Demetrious Johnson. The discussion primarily revolved around the highly anticipated topic of Jon Jones and his venture into the heavyweight division.

Demetrious Johnson, a true pioneer in the sport, shared his unfiltered perspective on Jon Jones’s transition to heavyweight, stating, “He didn’t have to go to 265 to become heavyweight champion. For him to get fat like that, oops a little belly. Then again maybe he didn’t want to have abs anymore. I honestly think what he did to Ciryl Gane, he didn’t have to get to 265 to do it. He could have been 245 or 235 shredded, mean and fast.”

Ice Bagz added to the conversation by recalling a personal encounter with Jon Jones before a fight, noting,

“I hung out with Jon before his fight, he was calm and collected before the fight.”

Demetrious Johnson continued to express his views on Jon Jones’s potential success in the heavyweight division, confidently stating, “He’s done it all. I think Stipe’s in for a long night. Jon Jones is gonna get it done and retire as champion. I’m excited to see what he does next.”

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UFC Legend Demetrious Johnson talks about JON JONES ! | 🔥 BONUS CLIP | • #OverDogsPod • S1 • E3

The episode showcased Johnson’s insights in a masterful manner, adding a unique layer to the ongoing discourse surrounding Jon Jones’s ambitions in the heavyweight division.

For enthusiasts of the sport, staying informed and engaged with these perspectives is vital. To delve into the complete episode and access more enlightening discussions, visit the OverDogs Podcast at or watch the full episode below.

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