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Born to Fight

Jon Jones is not just a fighter; he is an enigma, a force of nature whose innate fighting spirit has carved a legacy that will echo through the annals of MMA history. His confidence, rooted in an internal belief system, has been both a weapon and a shield, propelling him to dizzying heights and shielding him through his lowest ebbs.

In the OverDogs Podcast, Jones’ revelation, “I honestly believe I was born to fight,” unveils the core of his fighting philosophy. It isn’t trained; it isn’t adopted; it’s innate, a part of his DNA that has been as natural to him as breathing. “I really believe it in my whole heart, and some people think that is silly,” Jones added, underscoring a conviction that has been immune to public opinion and criticism.

This internal belief system has been a cornerstone of Jones’ success. Every jab, every takedown, every victory, and every defeat has been a manifestation of a belief that is as unyielding as it is empowering. “It’s something that starts way before they are known in the arenas, it’s an internal belief,” Jones shared.

Expert opinions have often marveled at Jones’ skill, but it’s his mental fortitude that has been the subject of awe and analysis. Renowned MMA analyst, Luke Thomas,remarked, “Jones’ skill is a spectacle, but his belief system is a phenomenon. It’s an uncharted territory where skill meets spirit, and victories are born long before the fight begins.” Luke adds that  Jones is the GOAT of mixed martial arts on more than one occasion, despite Jones ignoring his questions at live events and the two not getting along well to say the least.

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Jones’ confidence isn’t just a psychological attribute; it’s a spiritual journey. He shared his anxiety and the nightmares about his opponents, a vulnerability that makes him human. Yet, in these moments of human frailty, his belief system emerges as the victor. “The goal is to conquer that,” Jones stated, a testament to a spirit that has faced, fought, and conquered adversities both within and outside the octagon.

Statistics paint a picture of Jones’ dominance. With a record that boasts an impressive streak of victories, Jones has been a force unparalleled. Yet, beyond the numbers, beyond the victories, is a story of a fighter born to fight, not designed to lose. “I honestly have convinced myself I am not designed to lose,” Jones revealed.

The implications of Jones’ belief system are profound for the future of MMA. It underscores a narrative where the mental and spiritual journeys of fighters are as pivotal as their physical prowess. It’s a narrative where victories are born from an indomitable spirit, and every fight is a dance between skill and belief, strategy and spirit.

As MMA evolves, the legacy of fighters like Jones will be etched not just in their physical victories but in their spiritual journeys. It’s a reminder that beyond the physical contest, beyond the jabs and takedowns, lies a human story of belief, confidence, and spirit – a narrative that defines not just the fighter, but the very soul of MMA.

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E5 – S1 JON JONES opens up about life, UFC295 w/ Stipe Miocic & UFC 293

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