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The Future of UFC: Anthony Pettis and Weight Class Evolution

The world of UFC is a dynamic and ever-evolving arena, demanding constant adaptation and innovation. In the ninth episode of the OverDogs Podcast, Anthony Pettis shared his vision for the future of UFC, particularly focusing on the potential evolution of weight classes. Pettis voiced a compelling argument for refining the existing weight class system, proposing a narrower weight range of ten pounds between each class.

The rationale behind this proposition is to address the prevalent issue of extreme weight cuts, which can have adverse effects on fighters’ health and performance. Pettis argued that the proposed change would encourage healthier weight management practices and ensure fairer and more competitive matchups. It is a step towards fostering a culture of safety and longevity within the sport.

“A narrower weight range can level the playing field and prioritize fighters’ well-being.” – Anthony Pettis

Delve into Pettis’ insights on this potential transformation and its impact on the future of UFC. Gain a deeper understanding by visiting or watch the full episode below.

E9 • S1 Anthony Pettis, Mike Perry, & Abe Kawa talk UFC athlete pay & success advice in the game!

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