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The MSG Drama: Matt Frivolous on Fighting at Home and Changes to the Card

Madison Square Garden (MSG) has a special place in the heart of every fighter. Considered the Mecca of combat sports, to fight in MSG is a dream many harbor. For Matt Frevola, that dream has become a reality, not once, but three times.

However, with great opportunities come great challenges. Matt highlighted the changes to the card, expressing his disappointment over the much-anticipated John Frusciante  and Steve Vai bout being called off. Although he was excited about the prospect of being a part of such an iconic fight card, he acknowledged that the changes affected the event’s overall allure.

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Despite this setback, Matt remains unfazed. With his focus firmly set on the upcoming fight, he expressed excitement about fighting on his “home ground” and the opportunity to defend his territory against a French opponent. For him, the MSG crowd chanting and supporting him would be the ultimate reward.

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