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Why Bare Knuckle Boxing Has a Future: A Candid Conversation

In the dynamic realm of combat sports, where evolution and innovation are intrinsic to its vibrancy, the resurgence of bare-knuckle boxing is a topic that elicits both nostalgia and anticipation. Host Ice Bagz, alongside co-hosts UFC X 2023 veteran Sam Alvey and Twitter influencer MacMally, engaged in a riveting dialogue with special guest Demetrious Johnson (DJ) to explore the resurgence, appeal, and future of this primal form of combat.

“It was absolutely amazing to see that. I think bare knuckle fighting has the chance to go very, very far,” DJ expressed, his words echoing the sentiment of a growing audience captivated by the raw, unfiltered intensity of bare-knuckle boxing. In a world where combat sports are often characterized by regulations and restrictions, the unbridled nature of bare-knuckle boxing offers a return to the elemental roots of combat.

Bagz’s revelation about discussions with Malki Kawa and Mike Perry to initiate a bare-knuckle organization underscores the burgeoning interest in this form of combat. “Me and Malki and Mike Perry are talking about doing a bare knuckle organization. It’s ground level,” Bagz shared, hinting at the nascent yet potent potential of bare-knuckle boxing to carve a distinct niche in the combat sports landscape.

DJ’s endorsement of the entertainment value of bare-knuckle boxing is significant. “I think bare knuckle fighting has a future 1000% in entertainment. I will always turn into Mike Perry fights, he has always been a realist… I’m a fan,” DJ affirmed at the 1:10:00 mark of the conversation. 

In a world where entertainment and skill converge to create a spectacle, bare-knuckle boxing emerges with an authenticity that is both visceral and captivating.

The discussion around the Mike Perry vs Luke Rockhold Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fight in Denver, where Luke lost teeth amidst the edge-of-your-seat action, encapsulates the intense allure of this combat form. 

Mac, DJ, and Bagz’s reflections offer a window into the electrifying atmosphere live at the event, where every punch, dodge, and movement is accentuated, laying bare the skill, strategy, and resilience of the fighters.

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In the candid exchanges between Ice Bagz, Alvey, Mac Mally, and DJ, the combat sports community is invited to explore the resurgence of a fighting style that is as ancient as it is modern.

Bare-knuckle boxing, with its raw intensity and unfiltered combat, offers a spectacle where the primal and the professional converge, where the fighters and the audience embark on a journey that is as unpredictable as it is exhilarating.

As discussions around the future of bare-knuckle boxing gain momentum, the insights shared by DJ and the OverDogs Podcast crew illuminate a path where tradition and innovation meet. It’s a narrative that transcends the confines of regulations and restrictions, venturing into a space where combat is unbridled, where the fighters and the audience are united in the mesmerizing dance of skill, strength, and strategy, unfiltered and unveiled.

In the rise of bare-knuckle boxing, the combat sports world is not just witnessing the resurgence of a tradition but is also being invited to a future where the raw, unyielding spirit of combat is celebrated, where every punch, movement, and moment is a testament to the enduring allure of combat in its most elemental form.

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