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Introducing the World Series of Panda Poker (WSOPP) by Kanpai Pandas

A year-long poker circuit with a grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip to play in the World Series of Poker 2024!

Dive into the WSOPP

Beginning this month, we’re rolling out weekly online poker tournaments as a cornerstone of the PPDEX Poker Circuit. Gear up for an exhilarating year of competition with advance registrations now open.

WSOPP is more than just a poker tournament; it’s an immersive experience. By combining traditional poker gameplay with dynamic traits, players can earn Panda Points (PP) while unlocking exclusive traits that enhance the gaming experience as a player climbs the leaderboard.

Climb the Leaderboard and Earn Unique Traits

Every week is a new opportunity to earn Panda Points and ascend the global leaderboard. At the end of each month, players will be awarded exclusive traits based on their rankings:

  • Top 1% of players: 3 Traits
  • Top 2–5% of players: 2 Traits
  • Top 6–10% of players: 1 Trait

Discover the Circuit Trait Pack

In collaboration with Kanpai’s Creative Director @SaidSeven, we’ve introduced the Circuit Trait Pack. These monthly traits are not only collectible but offer strategic depth to the final live game. Among the functional traits are:

  • Mulligan: Redraw your hole cards once per game.
  • Poker Face: Shield yourself from other players’ traits for a round.
  • Turn Tamer: Get a sneak peek at the rank of the Turn card.

… and more to come!

The Grand Showdown in 2024

In 2024, brace yourself for the live final game. This isn’t your typical poker showdown — players will have the chance to activate the functional traits they’ve gathered throughout the year, adding a unique layer of strategy and spectacle to the event.

Each finalist will select three of their collected traits to take into the final game. These functional traits will grant players unique advantages that can be deployed at strategic points in the game. However, each trait can only be used once, adding a layer of strategic decision-making to their use.

The incorporation of functional traits into the live game not only spices up the gameplay but also underscores the value of these traits, encouraging their trading and collection throughout the circuit. Some players might start to value specific traits over others based on their strategic play style, adding a new dimension to the trading dynamics.

The Grand Finale

The top 10 players who have collected the most traits over the tournament series will be invited to the final, real-life poker event. A separate leaderboard will track the total number of traits each player has won throughout the circuit.

The grand finale will be live-streamed, with the entire PPDEX community invited to come watch IRL (and party). This feature adds an immersive and inclusive element to our tournament, ensuring that even those who do not play poker can appreciate the suspense and excitement of the event. 
In a move that’s bound to excite every poker fan, we are thrilled to announce that the winner of the WSOPP live final game will receive an all-expenses-paid entry to the prestigious World Series of Poker main event!

It’s not just about pride and Panda Points; it’s your chance to join the global elites of poker. Will you rise to the challenge?


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