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Introducing PPDEX: The Home Of The Kanpai Panda Ecosystem! 🐼

Kanpai Labs is proud to announce what we have been building for the last several months (and what will host the Kanpai Panda ecosystem), the PPDEX (Panda Points DEX)! The PPDEX and the Kanpai Casino will launch on March 30th. Pandas will start accruing points from today, March 23rd.

The PPDEX offers a range of uses to Panda holders:

  1. Manage your Panda Points 🐼 (which Pandas automatically accrue daily), which can be spent: for in-real-life services and goods, in the Panda Lab to change your Panda’s on-chain rarity, or in the Kanpai Casino.
  2. Manage 💼 your Pandas across all wallets and your new KP account.
  3. Explore the Panda Browser 🌐 for the latest information on any Panda, including its rarity.
  4. Play Bounties 🏴‍☠️ to earn Panda Points.
  5. Participate in raffles or purchase event tickets 🎟 and other marketplace goods or services.
  6. Panda Points Bank 🏦, where you can deposit and withdraw Panda Points to your KP account for use in the PPDEX, or transfer your Panda Points to Kanpai Chips (KC) for use in the Kanpai Casino.
  7. 🕹 Kanpai Gaming (Coming Soon).
The Kanpai Panda Ecosystem
How The Ecosystem Works

Panda Points 🐼 and Panda Lab 🧪

The PPDEX introduces a revolutionary mechanism in how holders can now change their panda’s on-chain data (metadata) in real-time using Panda Points in the Panda Lab. We call this unique mechanism, Dynamic Rarity.

Panda Points is the Kanpai Panda’s native off-chain currency, which can be spent to purchase traits in the Panda Lab, transferred 1:1 to Kanpai Chips to play in the Kanpai Casino, and used in other ways such as participating in raffles or purchasing event tickets and other marketplace goods or services. Panda Points do not exist on any blockchain as a token (and cannot be traded on the open market).

A Panda accrues points daily depending on the Rarity Tier they fall into due to their existing and upgraded traits. There are 102 Rarity Tiers, each distributing a fixed amount of Panda Points daily. A Panda’s Rarity Score, which places the panda in the Rarity Tiers, is the aggregate score of the highest-scoring item of each trait class a Panda owns — either equipped, worn, or stored in a Panda’s inventory.

The Top 15 Tiers. The 87 Lower Tiers Are Not Listed Here

You can change your Panda’s on-chain metadata (Dynamic Rarity) by purchasing and applying new custom traits in the Panda Lab. When (or if) you sell your Panda, the points go along with it, along with all the inventory traits the Panda has accrued over time.

Craft your Kanpai Panda 🧪

Rarity Trait Classes

Six different Rarity Classes of new traits will be available to purchase in the lab with Panda Points, ranging from least to most expensive, Normie to HFS (holy f****** sh*t). Applying the trait and crafting your Panda will update your panda’s rarity and thus its metadata. The six Rarity Classes consist of the following:

Rarity Trait Classes

While trait shopping, you can “try on” different traits, preview different combinations, and see how those combinations will affect your rarity — an easy way to ensure you’re making the right purchase.

New traits will be introduced in intervals, some of which will be in collaboration with other brands, memes, or current related events. There will never be two published on-chain Pandas (identical traits) due to the metadata causing a miscalculation in the rankings.



Your inventory will hold all your purchased and default traits, while indicating which traits are equipped. Traits can be sold back to “the house” for 50% of the original market price. You cannot sell or swap traits with other users. As mentioned above, when (or if) you sell your Panda, the points go along with it, along with all the inventory traits the Panda has accrued over time.

View all your pandas in the lab

Introducing 🎰 The Kanpai Casino 🐼

Since the Kanpai Pandas’ inception, we have run poker tournaments on third-party applications for our and other communities. We have rewarded winners with all-inclusive trips to the WSOP, tokens, digital collectibles, and hundreds of Pandas! We are ecstatic to bring you our native casino solution:

For the Sophisticated Degens

The Kanpai Casino features three portals: multiplayer poker, single-player casino, and sportsbook:

Multiplayer Poker: Our native poker platform where we can host our own tournaments, joint community tournaments, sit-n-gos, and other poker games! Kanpai Poker features the following:

  • KP 🐼 customized items (felt, cards, etc.)
  • Maximum amount of concurrent players (tournament poker) of over 2000 players! No more relying on janky third-party platforms to manage the large capacity of our tournaments.
  • Join a table and play against other pandas for Kanpai Chips at anytime.
  • Joint community tournaments are available (with non-panda holders) since we can issue users bonus codes redeemable for Kanpai Chips to pay for the tournament registration entry.
Born To Lose

Single-Player Casino: Outside of our multiplayer poker above, the other games in our casino are single-player. Kanpai Pandas can play with their chips against the house, featuring:

  • Panda Slots
  • Lucky Wheel
  • Dice 3D
  • Horse Racing
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Casino Hold’Em
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Heads or Tails

Games are customized and suited to the Kanpai Pandas brand.

At launch, our casino is solely single-player, but we plan to add multiplayer blackjack, roulette, and other games. We also plan to add more single-player casino games as we further develop the Kanpai Casino.

Bet your PP Here
Gamble your PP here

Sportsbook: Pandas can now bet on various sports, including football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf! This includes parlays, in-plays, player and team props, and other specials. Six different game feed providers provide odds to the Kanpai Sportsbook, giving pandas the fairest lines around.

Not only do we have access to multiple betting markets, but we can also create custom markets for you to wage your Kanpai Chips on. Want to bet on how many times Ice Bagz says “deals are made on the golf course” on Twitter Spaces to win chips? We can create a market for it.

Kanpai Sportsbook

Lastly… Manage your Account 💼, Browse your Pandas 🌐, and Play Bounties 🏴‍☠️

In the PPDEX, holders can view their Panda’s statistics: daily point accrual rate, total points, and other holders’ stats. You can deposit points into the Panda Points Bank from any panda you hold, and in any amount you choose. Points in the bank can be used to purchase new traits in Panda Lab, spent on marketplace items, or transferred 1:1 to Kanpai Chips for use in the Kanpai Casino.

Users can complete bounties as they appear in the PPDEX, and be rewarded with Panda Points. Bounties for following social media channels, attending IRL events, Kanpai Casino tasks, and other fun ways to interact with our ecosystem.

Transfer your Panda Points to Kanpai Chips under ‘My Points’

PPDEX is still in its public ‘Beta’ stage, so here are some things that you should be aware of:

Network Performance: While 100% uptime on the network is targeted, there may be instances where performance is degraded.

Network Structure: Kanpai Labs currently maintains various levels of control over panda points while it is still in its early Beta phase; this includes the ability to pause the system. We believe that this is in the best interest of the network to ensure that our system is as safe as possible while we continue to improve security.

As always, please be aware of projects impersonating us. Users should always exercise caution when interacting with contracts and should only do so if they trust that the contracts they are interacting with are secure.


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