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Kanpai Pandas 🐼 at Crypto Bahamas 🏝

Kanpai Pandas threw their first-ever party at Crypto Bahamas. Leading crypto enthusiasts and trailblazers got together in Nassau, Bahamas to enjoy the great weather, network, and to have fun. The party was held at Sky Bar at the Baha Mar Resort, the Kanpai Panda family welcomed Crypto giants like KeyboardMonkey, and your uncle’s favorite DJ, Dr. Fresch, and other notable people from Solana and LayerZero. This party was held prior to mint and the Panda art collection was revealed at the party.

Sky Bar at Baha Mar Resort, Nassau Bahamas

This is the first event of many that will be held that will aim to provide Kanpai Panda holders with the most real-world utility possible. Nothing is off the table.

Kanpai! 🐼🍻


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