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Kanpai Pandas 🐼 giving away a BAYC 🦍 in August 2022!

That’s right, the Kanpai Pandas are raffling a BAYC to a lucky winner from our Kanpai Panda community! Since April 2022, the Kanpai Panda team has given away a CrypToadz, Moonbirds, Doodles, and MAYC to its holders — what a ride! This is how the BAYC giveaway will work:

Every Kanpai Panda automatically gets one entry to the raffle — we wanted to make sure every Kanpai Pandas has the opportunity to enter this rather large giveaway. If you have two pandas, you get two raffle entries, three pandas get you three raffle entries, and so on.

Furthermore, starting July 20th, 2022, anyone minting a Kanpai Panda will automatically be enrolled for three raffle entries. Given the success of our MAYC giveaway, we want to continue to incentivize and reward minters for their belief and loyalty to the project. We will also be doing daily poker tournaments (join our Discord for details on what time we host these) where the winner gets three raffle entries, 2nd place gets two raffle entries, and 3rd place gets one raffle entry. Kanpai Panda holders get priority access to these tournaments but it’s open to the public.

We will cutoff raffle entries on August 16th at 12 pm EST. Keep an eye on our Twitter for when we will announce the raffle draw (which is usually announced on Twitter but held on Discord). We hope this news excites you as much as it excites us. Kanpai! 🍻


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