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Kanpai Pandas 🤝 Imagine Dragons 🐲

Kanpai Pandas secured Suite W2051 at Allegiant Stadium (Raiders Stadium) in Las Vegas for Imagine Dragons’ ‘Mercury World Tour’ performance on Sep. 10, 2022! Holders will have yet another opportunity to indulge in a unique luxurious entertainment experience by attending our Allegiant Stadium box suite to watch one of the leading rock bands in the world, Imagine Dragons, and other featured performers such as Macklemore and Kings Elliot.

This Kanpai Panda event, like other Kanpai Panda-hosted events, isn’t just about the entertainment. We’re assembling a family of builders and people who want to collaborate further to advance their own interests. Take a look at our community, and you’ll spot many prominent individuals in the crypto and real-world who are already all-in on building and helping the Kanpai Panda family.

Holding a Kanpai Panda gives you a membership pass into an exclusive club that offers access to high-end events such as private parties, sporting events, concerts, and other sought-after luxurious entertainment events. You can either buy a Kanpai Panda from our website or from our collection’s secondary marketplace on OpenSea.

Kanpai! 🍻


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