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Kanpai Pandas, Bad Bunny, and Diplo! 🐼🍻🐰

28 Kanpai Pandas will watch Bad Bunny and Diplo at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on October 1 for Bad Bunny’s ‘World’s Hottest Tour!’ This event’s Kanpai Panda suite is a luxury patio suite with the most stunning views 🤩 Check this video out for what it looks like:

This is what the Kanpai Panda suite will look like

Amenities include private restrooms, access to the patio club, HD TVs, VIP parking passes, and more! The Kanpai Panda team has now locked down more than a dozen events in just over two months for Kanpai Panda holders. As Kanpai Pandas expand and more events are held, both online and offline, the network effect of the Panda family continues to widen. Our community is collaborating and having fun, pursuing the project’s goal of building a sustainable long-term foundation through providing real-world utility and on-chain innovation.

Kanpai Pandas + Bad Bunny + Diplo

Holding a Kanpai Panda gives you a membership pass into an exclusive club that offers access to high-end events such as private parties, sporting events, concerts, and other sought-after luxurious entertainment events. You can buy a Kanpai Panda from our website or from secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Kanpai! 🍻


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