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Kanpai Pandas BUYBACK! 🏦

Due to our strong belief in the long-term success of the Kanpai Pandas project and the passionate community behind it, we have decided to buy back 5% of the total Kanpai Pandas supply (500 KPs) to lock in a smart contract for two years. After the two-year lock period is over, the Kanpai Pandas will vest at the discretion of the Kanpai Pandas’ financial team.

Since the launch of the Kanpai Pandas in April 2022, we have relentlessly worked to provide our holders on-chain and real-world utility, such as:

  • TinyDino Giveaway (4/19)
  • CryptoToadz Giveaway(4/20)
  • Moonbird Giveaway (4/22)
  • Crypto Bahamas event (4/24)
  • Kanpai Pandas acquire an executive box suite at Allegiant Stadium on a 15-year lease (5/15)
  • Sent a Kanpai Panda (accommodation + flights covered) to the WSOP Poker in Vegas (6/14)
  • WSOP Pre-fight and Skyfall (Delano hotel) private party (7/1)
  • UFC 276 (7/2)
  • MAYC Giveaway (7/20)
  • Native Kanpai Panda poker site launch (7/25)
  • UFC 277 Dallas w Gainzy & Side Chad (7/30)
  • KP & Pudgy Penguins Poker Tournament (7/30)
  • Hamdy Abdelwahab UFC partnership (first Arab UFC fighter) (8/1)
  • Fantasy Football (8/10)
  • Pandamonium w Tyga, Rich the Kid, Keyboard Monkey, Deorro, etc. (8/13)
  • BAYC giveaway (8/21)
  • Box suite for Raiders home games for KP holders (2022/2023 NFL season)
  • MMA Arabia partnership (8/14)
  • Imagine Dragons suite (9/10)
  • Bad Bunny suite (10/1)

The Kanpai Pandas plan to host 35–40+ events next year with 10+ being international. As we throw more exclusive events and make new partnerships, we believe our project is positioned to flourish not only in the crypto space but also in the real world. This ‘stock’ buyback signals our team’s confidence in what we’re building and the fruitful opportunities that lay ahead for our community and us. Kanpai! 🍻


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