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Kanpai Pandas’ Infinity Collection ♾

The Kanpai Pandas Infinity ♾ collection is an airdropped collection to our loyal community members who have collected a Kanpai Panda from each *previously* mintable chain (Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB, Fantom, and Avalanche). We will hold a Snapshot of wallet addresses holding an ‘Infinity Set’ on September 28th at 12 PM EST to check for Infinity Sets. Eligible users holding an ‘Infinity Set’ at the Snapshot date will receive:

  • Free Infinity Collection mint per Infinity Set held. The Infinity Collection is a limited edition collection with all new artwork. The total supply will reflect how many infinity sets are held by users (max 250 in chronological order), will contain 3 1/1s, and will include rarity traits. Infinity Pandas will have a custom-made Dr. Fresch beat that was made exclusively for this collection. There will be a maximum of 250 Infinity Pandas minted. ~80 full sets have been collected so far.
  • $400 whitelisted mint per ‘Infinity Set’ for our mint on the upcoming last mintable chain. We have not announced when the upcoming chain mint will be available. Details will be announced soon.

The free Infinity Collection mint will take place on October 8 at noon EST.

Just this week, we conducted a 500 Kanpai Pandas *share* buyback, which will be locked in a smart contract for two years, and subsequently minted out (9K Pandas) on all supported chains. We’re excited for what’s ahead as we build out our current products, venture into new brand partnerships, and hold exclusive events for our holders. We sincerely appreciate the support of our community and share your enthusiasm for the project! Kanpai! 🍻🐼


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