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Kanpai Pandas’ Newest Sponsored Athlete! 🥊

The Kanpai Pandas are excited to announce our newest sponsored athlete, Roy Jones Jr.! Roy has world titles at middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight and has been the only boxer in history to start at light middleweight and go on to win a heavyweight title. Roy Jones retired in 2018 with a record of 66–9 (47 KOs) and is widely regarded as the top pound-for-pound fighter of his era. Roy was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in June 2022. So why the Pandas?

Roy Jones joined the Kanpai Pandas to bolster the project’s brand and help the project acquire more partnerships and deals as we embark further into real world ventures. Roy believes in the Kanpai Pandas’ mission of providing ordinary people access to exclusive events and experiences, and sees the project’s potential in growing the Kanpai Pandas’ brand in the real world among athletes and entertainment events. We couldn’t be more excited to announce Roy, he is the Pandas’ firsr sponsored athlete. Watch all of his knockouts here. Lets go Roy, the newest Kanpai Panda! 🍻🐼


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