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Kanpai Pandas WSOP ♣️♦️ Weekend Party (all 🐼 holders invited)

All Kanpai Panda holders have FREE access to the Kanpai Panda WSOP Weekend (Pre UFC 276) Party on July 1st from 9PM to 1AM at the Delano Skyfall Rooftop Bar in Las Vegas! Local DJs Kid Funk and DJ Romeo will be playing as Kanpai Pandas dance the night away! The Skyfall Lounge is a multi-sensory experience; combining a panoramic overlook of the city, dramatic interiors, chill-out sounds, creative plates, and artisan cocktails. Enjoy a laid-back carefree atmosphere where you can escape from the noise and stress of the city while resident DJs spin easygoing tunes and eclectic beats.

Stunning view of the Vegas Skyline

Why did the Kanpai Panda team host this party on July 1st? There are two Kanpai Panda events being held this same weekend! Firstly, the winner of our poker tournament, @0xNFTC, will be representing the Kanpai Pandas at the WSOP Main Event ($10k entry), which will run from Jul. 3rd to Jul. 26. Bring home the prize, baby!

Secondly, Kanpai Pandas will be watching UFC 276 with Gainzy and DaRealMilkBagz from the Kanpai Panda suite at the T-Mobile Arena on Sunday, July 3rd! You can buy a Kanpai Panda UFC 276 pass from OpenSea here. After acquiring the pass, users can claim their UFC ticket from

It is going to be an action-packed weekend! We are stoked to host this event and provide access to exclusive events during your stay. If you’d like to join the Kanpai Panda family, you can buy a Kanpai Panda from our website or from secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Kanpai! 🍻


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