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Steve Espinosa, former Senior Tech Advisor at The White House 🇺🇸, joins the Kanpai Pandas as an Advisor and Stakeholder!

The Kanpai Pandas are proud to announce that Steve Espinosa, the former senior Tech Advisor and Deputy Chief Digital Officer at The White House, is joining the Kanpai Pandas as an advisor and stakeholder. Steve served in the Obama and Trump administrations as a non-political appointee. Furthermore, Steve was a former Googler, sold a couple of start-ups, and is part of Forbes 30 under 30.

As a long standing participant in the growing technology space, I found the Kanpai Pandas to be extremely intriguing. The future possibilities and potential the Kanpai Pandas have in this industry are really limitless and I wanted to be a part of it. Looking forward to contributing my expertise — Steve Espinosa

Steve works as a paid technology advisor for the federal government, but in a contractor capacity so that he can pursue ventures like the Kanpai Pandas. As an advisor, Steve will guide the Kanpai Pandas, alongside Steve Cohen, in navigating corporate opportunities. As the Kanpai Pandas brand grows, it is ever more salient to onboard experienced individuals like Cohen and Espinosa to navigate our IRL goals during these turbulent times.

We’re stoked to bring on another heavy hitter to the Kanpai Pandas team. We’re running the project like a real business and need experienced people with extensive connections to make things happen. Couldn’t be any more excited. LFG. — Ice Bagz


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