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The Largest Competitive Airdrop In Web3! 🐼 x 🥋

We have kickstarted our partnership with Karate Combat by bringing Panda holders the biggest competitive airdrop in Web3. The massive prize of one billion KARATE will be shared across 12 monthly Karate Combat rounds commencing May 20, 2023.

Each competition month, there will be 10 winners who are awarded prizes, so there’s lots of opportunity to win big all year round. Any Panda holder will be able to participate at any time during the course of the competition, as long as they hold KARATE. Only 1 ENTRY per holder.

To be eligible to enter the competition, you must hold a Kanpai Panda for the snapshot on May 15 at 6 PM EST. The snapshot will capture a record of all Panda holders for a KARATE airdrop.

Kanpai Pandas x Karate Combat

Below is a brief, high-level overview of how to claim your airdrop:

  • Download the Karate Combat app (iOS) or Blade Wallet, which WILL NOT be available until May 10 (Android/Web not released until June)
  • Verify that you are a Panda holder via the Karate Combat app or Blade Wallet through wallet signature (More technical details on this shortly)
  • Your KARATE tokens will then be delivered via airdrop to their app or blade wallet

The first Karate competition event will happen on May 20; however, Panda holders must enter any event 48 hours before it starts to facilitate timely entry. So, enter the first KC event by May 18 to be eligible for the first event.

How The Competition Works

The competition has monthly round prizes shared amongst ten winners (although not every month), with KARATE and Panda Points being awarded to the victors. There are normal rounds, super rounds, and one final mega-round to keep it nice and interesting all year long.

You have to hold KARATE and use this to vote for your favorite fighters per event in true fantasy-style fashion. The full breakdown of the rewards from each of the 12 events that will be held throughout the year can be found below:

Season Champions

The final first, second, and third-placed entrants will each receive a 1/1 unique trait (as seen above), which can be equipped in the PPDEX when awarded at the end of the competition:

  • 1st Place: Golden Gi — 125 million $KARATE, & 375,000 Panda Points
  • 2nd Place: Silver Gi — 50 million $KARATE, & 150,000 Panda Points
  • 3rd Place: Bronze Gi — 25 million $KARATE, & 75,000 Panda Points

There will also be trait prizes for the top five winners, including white to black belts (plus a wooden spoon for each round’s worst scorer!)

Quick Notes:

There are no vesting limitations for airdropped KARATE users. Panda holders will be able to participate at any time during the course of the competition. More details of the rules and technicalities of the Karate Combat competition will be shared soon!

Good luck and Kanpai! 🍻

The rules of the competition are subject to the terms and conditions of the grant by or on behalf of Sensei (BVI) Limited (“Karate Combat”) to Kanpai Labs. Karate Combat reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, amend, or update such terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. By continuing to participate or engage with Karate Combat’s app, you agree to be bound by any such modifications, amendments, or updates. It is your responsibility to periodically review the most current version of these rules, terms, and conditions in order to stay informed about any changes.


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