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We are the Kanpai Collective.


Recognize this face? Well if the answer is no that is about to change… for everyone. Kanpai Collective is a new age business entity leveraging web3 technology and social communities to become a globally recognized brand. We aren’t just building a business, we are pioneering a movement.

So why choose a panda?

There are no shortage of horses to bet on when it comes to picking an NFT to invest in. Below we will break down every single benefit of being a holder and where we see ourselves going in the future.

Chapter 1 : The Genesis – Kanpai Pandas (NFT)

Enter Kanpai Pandas

Launched in April of 2022, the Kanpai Pandas are all about real-life experiences, where we’re combining the best of Web2 (IRL) & Web3 to create a unique NFT use case never seen before. The Kanpai Pandas are the cornerstone of Kanpai Collective’s entire ecosystem.

Current collection :

  • Original Collection — 10,000 Unique customizable Pandas, across 8 different chains.
  • Infinty Collection — 250 Futuristic Pandas rewarded to original collectors across all chains.

Our mission is to combine utility and art while bridging the realms of IRL events, activations and products within the ever-growing Web3 space. We offer true innovation to our user base virtually and physically through the use of multichain NFTs. Buy a Panda get rewarded and entertained for life.

We’re not your typical NFT project; rather, we provide exclusive experiences for our user base with the extra dimensions we deliver, which is where we saw an actual scalable business to be owned.

Unique Propositions:

  • One of the first omnichain NFTS (8 chains in total all interoperable) Flexibility to move from chain to chain.
  • Focused on real life events and experiences.
  • One of the first completly customizabe traits with several categories.
  • Pioneer in dynamic rarity
  • Robust rewarding ecosystem
  • Venturing into several business verticals (apparel, products, media and sports to ensure revenue and sustainability)

The number one goal of any NFT should be to foster, support and return value to the community that supports them.

See everything we’ve done in one timeline —

Chapter 2 : The Utility (Digital)

So why should you buy a panda? We are about to tell you any and every thing you can expect being a holder.

Points Reward System

The currency for the entire panda ecosystem is our proprietary point system called PP Points.

Every panda you own a accrues points depending on its rarity (traits it owns). Here are some key details —

  • No staking required
  • Points are issued daily at 4:20pm EST
  • Points are off chain and can be transferred from your panda to your point bank at no cost and vice versa

Here is a complete technical guide on points and their accrual.

So what can I use my points on?

Introducing is our proprietary platform that allows users to manage their points and pandas and spend points in a variety of ways. Think of it as the same as credit card points.

Customize Your Panda — Panda Lab

We believe that dynamic and customizable pfps are the future. In 5–10 years from now a look of locked “legacy” PFPs will feel stale and dated. With the Panda Lab you can always customize, hide unwanted traits, and add new traits to your panda to keep them always looking fresh. A PFP should reflect your own personality and this is what we aimed to achieve.

Dynamic Rarity

We are the pioneers of dynamic rarity which allows Pandas to climb or descend in their relevant body rankings based on purchasing new traits with Panda Points. When a new trait is equipped, this alters the metadata of a Panda and also their rarity ranking, as new traits can hold higher scores than original traits.

A Panda’s Rarity Score is defined as the aggregate score of the highest scoring item from each trait class that a Panda owns, either equipped or stored in a Panda’s inventory.

Trait Packs

New traits are introduced at roughly 30 to 60 day intervals. These traits can be part of ‘packs’ released that help keep the collection culturally relevant and increase the fun.

They can be based on anything from pop culture, memes, and brand partnerships. Brands like Adidas, Nike, and Gucci are all participating in web3 initiatives.

These traits are only purchasable with panda points. They are not seperate NFT collections.

Casino and Sports Book

Feel like winning it big? Use your points in our full blown casino and sports book that is open 24/7.

Current Casino Games:
1. Panda Slots: Align symbols on chosen paylines.
2. Lucky Wheel: Spin wheel and win based on landing spot.
3. 3D Dice: Predict total points within a range.
4. Horse Racing: Bet on horses to win, place, or show.
5. Blackjack: Get closer to 21 than dealer without exceeding.
6. Baccarat: Guess closest hand to nine — player, banker, or tie.
7. Casino Hold’em: Play poker against the dealer.
8. American Roulette: Guess outcome of roulette spin.
9. Video Poker: Create winning combo with 5-card draw.
10. Coin Toss: Predict result of coin flip.
11. Kanpai Poker: Play with up to 2000 online players

Raffle System

With our main focus on rewarding holders within the KP ecosystem, we built a point-based raffle system that utilizes PandaPoints in exchange for amazing prizes — if you win. Raffle prizes have included high-value items such as concert tickets, clothing from our apparel line, and even signed boxing gloves from Roy Jones JR! As KP continues to grow, our prizes will as well — you’ll have to stick around to find out what you can win!

Some examples of prizes we have given to our holders via raffles:

For a chance to win all these beautiful prizes is just own a panda and enter with panda points. No entry fees or complicated redemptions.


Don’t want to leave it to luck? We have a complete marketplace that enables users to purchase items with crypto/fiat/and or points.

Fantasy Sports for BIG Prizes

We are sports/gambling enthusiasts and every year holders can participate in a plethora of sports related tournaments held throughout the year. From poker to world cup soccer we have something for everyone and participating with the community can lead to some BIG paydays. Here is are some examples:

Karate Combat Partnership

As a panda you can get:

  • Win a Portion of Karate Token Pool for every event
  • Tickets to Karate Combat events
  • Exclusive Karate Combat traits for your panda

Kanpai Pandas and Karate Combat have kicked off a partnership to undertake the largest airdrop competition to happen in web3. We’ll be airdropping and rewarding nearly seven figures (USD) worth of $KARATE for free to Panda holders who have signed up and partake in the upcoming tournament, where they can top of the leaderboard and out-compete each other in Karate Combat’s new Gaming app throughout 2023.

Karate Combat is a professional martial arts league specializing in full-contact, professional karate competitions. The organization has quickly gained traction in martial arts, with several big names involved in the project.

Chapter 3 : The Utility (In real life)

The calling card of the Kanpai Pandas is our epic events and access to unique experiences. Friendship, building memories, networking and having a good time are paramount. Here is what you can expect being a holder…


Our calling card annual event that all users have free entry to is part of our business strategy to develop it into a signature web3 event.

Ongoing Events

Throughout the years we plan to have regular activations in various cities to keep the community bonded and add new entrants. For example BTC Miami all holders received VIP passes and all food and drink included. Just show up.

15 Year Lease to Allegiant Stadium

We’ve secured box suite E2023 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas for 15 YEARS! Enjoy exclusive access to all Raiders preseason, regular, and playoff games. Kanpai Pandas extends your VIP experience beyond football. Holders have first dibs on concerts, basketball, UFC, WWE, and more at Allegiant Stadium.

Throughout the years we plan to have regular activations in various cities to keep the community bonded and onboard new entrants.

Even More Events

  • Headline concerts and shows
  • Football games
  • UFC Fights
  • Private parties
  • Conventions
  • Poker tournaments
  • Community meet ups

Chapter 4 : Sustainability

For an NFT based business to develop and grow it is necessary to generate revenue. Trading royalties are too unpredictable and volatile to ensure the sustainability of a project. At Kanpai Collective we’re focused on several verticals to grow the brand into a highly profitable sustainable business.

Apparel Line

Streetwear apparel is a $185B industry and athletic wear is a $195B industry. Why not do both? In addition, we’ve also integrated phygital items — a way to utilize items in both in both the physical and digital worldss.

Kanpai Collective — We’re more than just apparel; it’s our mission to be the world’s first and leading premium Combat Sports streetwear line that focuses on simple, clean, functional, and purposeful.

Whether you’re in Fight [Combat] or Flight [Lifestyle] mode, we have the fit that fits — and our athletes rocking our fashion line proudly for both of those occasions is all the proof you need to know that this ain’t no stitch up. It’s Kanpai Collective. | Check out our lookbook here.

Our featured Athletes

Our D+RIP products are exclusive for panda holders and contain NFC scannable chips that allow you to redeem NFT collectibles and add interactive experiences to each item or gamify complete collections.

Media Company

Are you not entertained?! [Enter Kanpai Media]Kanpai Media is one of our primary endeavors as we set to transform the entertainment space across Web2 & Web3 by converging the best-in-class produced content focused on gambling, sports, crypto, and individual personalities. Kanpai Media will be an equal balance of usefulness and silliness, all wrapped under one banner — so you can stop searching and start finding all the great stories we have cooking in the Panda Kitchen.

The #OverDogsPod
The podcast that’s serious about not being serious, seriously.
In every episode, the world’s top fighting talent toast, roast, and give their take on every top-tier combat sports league fight.In short… It’s the fighting, betting, drinking & dumbshit podcast with Ice Bagz, Mac Mally & Sam Alvey.

Strength in numbers:
Ep1: 49k views and listens | In less than a month and a half
Ep 2: 48k views and listens | In less than a month and a half
Ep3: +100k views and listens | In less than two weeks!

Another Kanpai Media property is specific event planning and streaming events called Kanpai Nights. This is where we plan an activity and build a party around it and stream to a live audience. Our first Kanpai Knights episode took place in Vegas in the form of a celebrity Poker Game.

Chapter 5 : Why we will succeed

Built in a Bear

We cut our teeth in the bear market and were not propped up with the hype and a market being on “easy mode”. Our success this far has come from non stop delivery of what we promised, listening and executing to our communities desires.

In the Right Business

The best way to make money is to attach yourself to industries that are booming and are ripe with sponsors and partners. We play in the worlds of:

  • Crypto Currency / NFTs
  • Combat Sports
  • Sports betting and Gambling
  • Apparel (activewear and streetwear)
  • Online Media

The Team

We have assembled a full roster of extremely talented savages who have the experience and knowledge on how to build and navigate the business world. Below is the TL:DR but here is a complete breakdown.

Core team (fully doxed):

  • Josh (Icebagz) — CEO/Founder
  • Cedric Guerin — artist and designer, advertising and digital technology creative director with over 20 years of experience.
  • David Nam — Head of Marketing / Former Redbull
  • Liam McNulty— Head of Operations
  • Ben —Social media / memes
  • Garret — Jack of all Trades
  • Alvin — Dev

Board Advisors:

  • Steve Espinosa — Steve Espinosa is the former senior Tech Advisor and Deputy Chief Digital Officer at The White House, and now an advisor and stakeholder in the Kanpai Pandas. Steve served in the Obama and Trump administrations as a non-political appointee. Furthermore, Steve was a former Googler, sold a couple of start-ups, and is part of Forbes 30 under 30.
  • Steve Cohen — Steve is a ‘Partner and Agent’ in the Motion Picture Talent Department and Head of the Atlanta office at UTA (United Talent Agency) , one of the largest talent agencies in Hollywood. UTA has more than 5,000 clients, including numerous A-list names.
  • Travis Rego — Travis is the Director of Customer Development at MGM Resorts International. With over 20 years of experiences, he is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of success in the hospitality industry.
  • Malki Kawa — Malki Kawa is the Founder and CEO of First Round Management and is responsible for managing and directing the careers of over 200 professional athletes in football, baseball, mixed martial arts, wrestling, racing and eSports. He launched his sports business career in 2005 when he became a licensed NFL agent.
  • Malki “Primo” Kawa — Malki “Primo” Kawa is the Chief Operations Officer at First Round Management and is responsible for oversight of finances, influencers and athlete marketing/ onboarding, athletics, brand extension monetization and vertical integration of FRM’s brand and business extensions.
  • Abe Kawa — Abe Kawa is Vice President of First Round Management and is responsible for managing and directing the careers of the agency’s mixed martial arts and professional wrestling clients, as well as overseeing day-to-day operations, staff, budgets, and business development.
  • Alex Miningham — Alex currently serves as a General Partner at Ascensive Assets, a crypto native seed-stage venture fund. Prior to moving into venture, Alex spent 12 years as a serial entrepreneur building successful data-driven technology startups across a variety of industries such as higher education, travel, and beverage alcohol. Alex was a recipient of Business Observer Magazine’s 40 under 40 award and successfully negotiated 5 acquisitions over the course of his career as a founder.
  • Paul Chianese — Paul is currently Co-founder and Head of Product at, the world’s fastest growing live streaming platform. Since inception (Jan 2023), Kick has amassed over 4M users and over $10M in subscription revenue and is quickly challenging the titans of the streaming world.

Brand Building

The power and emotional connection of a brand can never be understated. We are positioning ourselves as a fun, irreverent, degenerate, new voice for the upstart generation.

Kanpai means “Cheers” in Japanese

Chapter 6 : Conclusion

With everything that we’ve done so far laid out above you’d probably be surprised to hear that this has all been achieved in just over a year, and you’re realizing that we’re not just another NFT project.

We strategically and consistently deliver innovative value to our audience that sees us combine both real world and digital products together for the ultimate user experience.

Our vision drives us while we stay in our own lane.
We’re here for the long run too. All gas no brakes.

Hear what the community has to say…

Don’t just join the club — own it. | #ItsKanpai 🐼

Kanpai Pandas are purchasable on OpenSea and Blur

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