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Banter and Humour: OverDogs Podcast Episode 16

In the world of combat sports podcasts, few can match the humor and camaraderie found in Kanpai Media’s OverDogs Podcast. Episode 16 shines a spotlight on the playful banter and witty exchanges between hosts Mike Perry, Ice Bagz and Mac Mally and their guest Ariel Helwani.

Right from the beginning, the episode buzzes with energy. Mike Perry’s quick wit sets the stage, as he jokingly refers to a recent UFC event as “more dramatic than my last Thanksgiving dinner.” This sets off a round of laughter and paves the way for a relaxed yet insightful discussion.

A memorable moment occurs when Mac Mally shares a hilarious anecdote about his first experience at a boxing match, likening it to “stepping into a real-life Rocky movie, but with more popcorn and less training montages.” Ice Bagz’s interjection with a perfectly timed joke about his own “less than stellar boxing career” keeps the humor flowing.

Amidst the laughter, Ariel Helwani, known for his in-depth knowledge of MMA, adds a touch of seriousness with his insights but is quickly brought back into the fold of humor by Perry’s playful jabs. The balance between expertise and entertainment is a testament to the hosts’ ability to keep the conversation engaging and light-hearted.

Episode 16 of the OverDogs Podcast is a masterclass in blending humor with insightful sports commentary. The hosts’ ability to joke, tease, and yet respect each other’s opinions creates an atmosphere that is both informative and immensely entertaining.

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