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How Social Media is Redefining Combat Sports: OverDogs Podcast Episode 16

Photo Source: Cambridge University Press Football Club fans

In the latest episode of the “OverDogs” podcast, hosts Mike Perry, Ice Bagz and Mac Mally and their guest, renowned combat sports interviewer Ariel Helwani, dove into a captivating discussion on the burgeoning role of social media in combat sports. This conversation offers a unique lens into the evolving dynamics of fighter promotion and fan engagement in the age of digital connectivity.

The hosts explore how platforms like Twitter and Instagram have become crucial battlegrounds for fighters. “It’s not just about your skills in the ring anymore,” notes Mike Perry, highlighting the importance of a strong social media presence in a fighter’s career. Ariel Helwani adds, “Social media has given fighters a voice outside the cage, allowing them to build their brand and fanbase in ways we’ve never seen before.”

The discussion also sheds light on how social media is changing the way fights are hyped. Mac Mally points out, “Now, it’s the fans on Twitter who are often influencing who fights who.” This shift has led to a more dynamic and interactive relationship between fighters and their followers, reshaping the landscape of fight promotion.

While acknowledging the benefits, Ice Bagz raises concerns about the pressures fighters face to maintain their online persona. “There’s a fine line between promotion and distraction,” he cautions. This sentiment echoes a broader conversation in the sports world about the impact of social media on athletes’ mental health and focus.

The OverDogs podcast Episode 16 offers an insightful look into how social media is not just an extension but a significant pillar in the world of combat sports. From creating personal brands to influencing matchups, digital platforms are indisputably shaping the future of UFC , MMA, and boxing. As Ariel Helwani aptly summarizes, “We’re witnessing a new era where the octagon and the tweet deck are equally important arenas.”

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