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Bo Nickal’s Quick Takedown and Olympic Aspirations on OverDogs Podcast

In the inaugural episode of the OverDogs Podcast, one of the standout moments was when UFC Middleweight Bo Nickal made a memorable guest appearance. Bo, a name synonymous with excellence in wrestling and fighting, showcased his remarkable skills with a quick and impressive takedown of 250lbs Malki Kawa, an illustration of his prowess in the sport.

“I probably could have joined the Olympic wrestling team and won a gold medal. That was one of the goals, but I am so drawn to fighting. I love to fight. I know where it’s going. Everyone else will find out soon,” Bo Nickal shared passionately, revealing his undying love and dedication to the art of fighting.

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Moreover, MacMally added a dash of excitement by playfully challenging Bo Nickal on air, teasing a potential matchup that surely had fans buzzing.

To experience Bo Nickal’s inspiring journey and aspirations in-depth, along with his quick takedown that made waves, the full episode awaits at or below!

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