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Mike Perry: Unplugged on Overdogs Podcast

In a candid and lively conversation on the Overdogs Podcast, the electrifying UFC welterweight fighter, Platinum Mike Perry, joined the show from Austin, Texas. The episode was filled with entertaining anecdotes and personal insights, showcasing Mike’s charismatic personality and love for the sport.

Mike and Ice Bagz engaged in a casual chat, where they touched on topics ranging from day drinking on Mike’s boat to his upcoming appearance on the The Joe Rogan Experience.  With humor and authenticity, Mike offered a glimpse into his mindset, sharing, “You know, I’m just living life, doing my thing.”

Mike Perry on Transitioning to Bareknuckle Boxing

These engaging moments provided a glimpse into Mike Perry’s life outside the octagon and his love for the sport, making this episode a must-listen for MMA enthusiasts and fans of Mike Perry.

Photo Source: Mike Perry/Instagram

For an in-depth look at Mike Perry’s unfiltered commentary and entertaining banter, head to for the full episode or click below!

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