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Don’t Miss Moments of Episode 2 of the OverDogs Podcast

Partying with Platinum Mike Perry 

Ice Bagz tells a story about him and Mike Perry parting and drinking on his boat all day and the chef Bagz invited to his house for his friends, family and neighbors to enjoy a nice meal. But one of his friends was stopped by Mike Perry. Friend: “Mike grabbed me by the shoulders and said not everyone comes over to Bagz house like this.” Bagz had to explain that everything is cool, we are neighbors and the party went on.

Photo Source: MMA Weekly

MacMally asks Mike Perry about his preparation when he was invited on the Joe Rogan Podcast

S1 • E2 “To get in the ring with Mike Tyson and get punched in the head…” • #OverDogsPod

Mike Perry: “When Joe reached out to me after the fight to congratulate me. I said hey man i know i heard you’re not supposed to ask to go on the podcast, but I asked. I’m just gonna go with the flow, that’s how I live my life.” 

Mike Perry vs Jake Paul soon?

S1 • E2 “To get in the ring with Mike Tyson and get punched in the head…” • #OverDogsPod

Sam Alvey asks Mike Perry if he will fight Jake Paul and Mike talks about Lethwei and Headbutts. Sam “Smile’n” Alvey says he would be pissed if someone headbutted him and Mike Perry says he will fight them all including Lethwei champion Dave Leduc.

Jon Jones explains the secret of MMA

Bagz asked Mike Perry if he trained with Jon Jones in New Mexico. Mike Perry: “Jon Jones taught me a couple of things man. Jon told me the secret to MMA is ground and pound.” Mike says he prefers to box and hates wrestling.

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