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A Candid Conversation with Platinum Mike Perry

In a humanzing and candid segment of the OverDogs Podcast, the hosts engaged in an exclusive conversation with the charismatic Platinum Mike Perry peeling back the layers of his life and career. Perry shared exciting updates, including the significant milestones of purchasing a new house and preparing for marriage. “Life has its ups and downs, but it’s all part of the journey. I’m embracing it,” expressed Mike Perry.

One touching moment was when Perry and MacMally  reminisced about their meeting at an MMA event. Mac fondly recalled, “Seeing Mike hold his son for three straight hours was heartwarming. It showcased his dedication not only to fighting but to his family as well.” It provided a glimpse into the softer, nurturing side of the fighter.

Photo Source: Mike Perry/Instagram

As the discussion veered towards the challenges of being a free agent and the potential opportunities, Perry shared, “I just want some respect and credentials and bills paid. You pay me, I show up and fight and give you hell.” It revealed the fighter’s determination and focus on both his career and financial stability.

Photo Source: BKFC

For a more in-depth look into Mike Perry’s journey and a genuine understanding of the man behind the fighter, listeners are encouraged to explore the complete episode on the Over Dogs Podcast. Discover more about Mike’s life and aspirations by visiting for the full episode or clicking below!

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