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The Future of MMA: Mike Perry’s Perspective and Ambitions

In the latest episode of the OverDogs Podcast the hosts engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with none other than the charismatic Platinum Mike Perry. Perry, known for his bold statements and electrifying fighting style, shared his aspirations and visions for the future of MMA. “I just want some respect and credentials and bills paid. You pay me, I show up and fight and give you hell,” emphasized Perry, showcasing his determination and dedication to the sport.

The episode highlighted Perry’s interest in taking on various opponents, including a desire to face Jake Paul. He boldly declared, “He can hit me as hard as he can, and I would bite his knuckles and punch him back.” Perry’s unwavering confidence and fearlessness in the face of challenges are a testament to his relentless spirit as a fighter.

Another intriguing aspect of the episode was the discussion around potential matchups. When asked about dream opponents, Perry expressed interest in going up against boxing legend Mike Tyson. “To get in the ring and be punched in the head by Mike Tyson, that would be cool, bro,” shared Perry, demonstrating his eagerness to take on extraordinary challenges.

For more captivating insights into Mike Perry’s views on the future of MMA and his ambitions as a fighter, tune in to the complete episode on the Over Dogs Podcast. Join the conversation and gain a deeper understanding by visiting for the full episode or clicking below!

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