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The Joe Rogan Podcast Invitation: Mike Perry’s Approach

In this episode of the Over Dogs Podcast, our hosts delve into the intriguing journey of Platinum Platinum Mike Perry in the MMA world. MacMally, one of the co-hosts, delves into Mike Perry’s experience being invited to the The Joe Rogan Experience.

Perry shares his candid approach, revealing how he seized the opportunity to join Joe Rogan’s renowned podcast. His approach reflects his life philosophy of going with the flow, showcasing the unapologetically bold and authentic personality that fans have come to adore. The conversation offers a glimpse into the man behind the fighter, shedding light on Perry’s fearless outlook on life.

Mike Perry on Transitioning to Bareknuckle Boxing

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S1 • E2 “To get in the ring with Mike Tyson and get punched in the head…” • #OverDogsPod

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