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Mike Perry: From the Cage to Life as a Free Agent

In a candid segment of the OverDogs Podcast, the hosts sat down with the enigmatic Platinum Mike Perry to unravel the multifaceted aspects of his life, both within and beyond the MMA world. Perry openly shared his experiences with contract negotiations and the realities of being a free agent in the fighting arena. “It’s a challenging journey, navigating the business side of the sport while staying true to my goals,” admitted Perry.

The conversation shifted towards the thrill Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship as Ice Bagz recalled their trip to Denver for a BKFC event. Perry expressed his passion for the sport, stating, “The electric action and technicality of BKFC make it incredibly captivating. It’s the future of combat sports.”

Photo Source: BKFC

Expressing his views on the UFC, Perry remarked, ” UFC can get boring when they’re on the ground, putting their nuts in each other’s faces. It can get boring.” He added, “Other than the UFC, I can get into boxing for SHOWTIME.” It offered a glimpse into his preferences and outlook on different fighting styles.

For more gripping insights into Mike Perry’s journey and his views on combat sports, listeners are encouraged to explore the full episode on the Over Dogs Podcast. Join the conversation and delve deeper by visiting for the full episode or clicking below!

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