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Unveiling the Passion: Mike Perry’s Journey and MMA Insights

In a recent episode of the Over Dogs Podcast, the hosts had the pleasure of sitting down with the enigmatic and passionate fighter, Platinum Mike Perry (@platinummikeperry) The episode shed light on Perry’s profound love for the sport, offering a glimpse into his dedication and enthusiasm as a mixed martial artist. “I do like to go out and get ratchet from time to time,” shared Perry, showcasing his vibrant personality and the balance he maintains between his professional and personal life.

Perry’s journey through the world of MMA and his experiences as a free agent were central topics of discussion. He reminisced about an invaluable piece of advice from the legendary Jon Jones during his time training in New Mexico: “Do you wanna know the secret to MMA? It’s ground and pound.” This wisdom highlights Perry’s openness to learning and growing in the sport.

Photo Source: UFC/Zuffa LLC

The podcast also touched on Perry’s style as a fighter and potential matchups in the future. Expressing excitement about potential fights, Perry agreed that a matchup against Anthony Pettis would be intriguing. “It would be a great fight, and it’s something fans would love to see,” acknowledged Perry, revealing his enthusiasm for challenging opponents and delivering exciting bouts.

To gain a deeper understanding of Mike Perry’s passion for MMA and the intricacies of his journey, listeners are encouraged to explore the complete episode on the OverDogs Podcast | Kanpai Media (@OverDogsPodcast). Uncover the fighter’s perspective and immerse yourself in the world of combat sports by visiting for the full episode or below!

S1 • E2 “To get in the ring with Mike Tyson and get punched in the head…” • #OverDogsPod

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