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Weight Training and Strategy: Anthony Pettis’ Journey to Victory Against Roy Jones Jr.

The life of an MMA fighter is one of discipline, strategy, and meticulous preparation. In the ninth episode of the OverDogs PodcastAnthony Pettis shared intriguing details about his preparation for a monumental boxing match against none other than Roy Jones Jr, a legend in the boxing world. Pettis emphasized the role of intensive weight training, unveiling the dedicated efforts and meticulous planning that went into gaining 15 pounds of muscle for this transformative bout.

Preparing to step into the boxing ring against a formidable opponent like Roy Jones Jr. demanded more than just honing boxing skills. It required Pettis to enhance his physique and tailor his training to meet the specific demands of boxing. The result was a spectacular display of skill and strength, culminating in Pettis’ victory by majority decision after eight hard-fought rounds.

Roy Jones Jr. vs Anthony Pettis | FULL FIGHT Highlights #boxing

“Strength is the foundation of victory—each muscle gained was a step closer to triumph.” – Anthony Pettis

Dive deeper into Pettis’ training regimen and discover the secrets behind his success in this memorable boxing match. For a comprehensive understanding of the journey, visit or watch the full episode below.

E9 • S1 Anthony Pettis, Mike Perry, & Abe Kawa talk UFC athlete pay & success advice in the game!

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