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Final Chain Mint Guide

Everything You Need to Know to Mint a Solana Panda Successfully.

The Overview

Kanpai Pandas is a collection of 10,000 stylistically curated hand-drawn NFTs that exist on the Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, AVAX, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Optimism chains (and now Solana!). They initially launched in April 2022, with all revealed chains minting out in September 2022.

The Kanpai Pandas are the cornerstone of Kanpai Collective’s entire ecosystem, with the collections broken down below:

  • Original Collection — 10,000 Unique and customizable Pandas, across 8 different chains.
  • Infinity Collection — 250 Futuristic Pandas rewarded to original collectors across all chains.

The History

During the original mint timeframe in 2022, seven of the eight chains were minted out, while Solana (the eight chain) was awaiting infrastructure to be built in order to allow true omni chain bridging from EVM to SOL chains.

As it stands, the infrastructure for SOL to EVM chain bridging is still being constructed, but we’re forging ahead and releasing the final 1,000 Pandas on the Solana network.

These final 1,000 Pandas that are minted on the Solana network will remain on this network until the infrastructure to bridge is completed (unlike the seven other chains that Pandas exist on, where holders can be bridge to any of these chains as they like).

Fear not though.

It won’t be long until you can bridge your Solana Pandas to any of the other chains (if you so wish to do so — it’s entirely fine to leave them as is!)

Mint Price and Details

  • Commencement Date: 15-Aug-23
  • Start Time: 12pm PDT / 3pm EST / 8pm London / 9pm Western Europe
  • Starting Mint Price (SOL): 192
  • Ending Mint Price: (SOL): 82
  • Price Drop Interval: Every 10 mins
  • Price Drops by: 5 SOL
  • Total Mint Duration (hrs): 4.0

Note: When mint reaches the pass in price of 82 SOL, the window to continue to mint at this price will stay open for 72 hours post reveal.

If the mint is not sold out at the completion of this 72 hour period post reveal, then remaining Pandas will be vaulted for one year.

Why These Price Parameters?

Starting Mint Price (SOL)

  • This price is based on the most recent Whitelist passes that have been purchased, which were approx. 1.8 ETH + $400 USDC to mint (total of approx. $3.7k)
  • The starting price is then based on a 25% mark up factor of the above total cost
  • This equates to approx 192 SOL (Using $24 / SOL as a baseline)

Ending Mint Price (SOL)

  • This price is based upon the Kanpai Pandas floor price of of 1.177 ETH as of 14 August 2023, less 10%, which equates to approx 1.07 ETH
  • In terms of SOL pricing, this equates to 82 SOL (Using $24 / SOL as a baseline)

Note: After the Mint Duration of 4 hours is reached (culminating at 7pm EST, or sooner if all Pandas are minted out), a 48 hour timeframe will take effect, where at the end of this timeframe, all minted Pandas will be revealed

If there are remaining Pandas left in the mint after the reveal, the minting timeframe will remain open for 72 hours

If there are any Pandas remaining after this timeframe, these remaining Pandas will be vaulted for one year.

Mint Details

Ok, we’ve got the history out of the way now, so let’s take a deep dive in how you mint your Solana Pandas.

White List Pandas

  • There are 250 whitelisted Pandas
  • Along with Infinity Pandas, whitelists were airdropped to Panda holders who held a Panda on each chain
  • If you hold a whitelist pass, you can head on over to to claim (don’t forget that you’ll need $400 USDC on the Ethereum network to finalize the mint pass)

Please refer to this video if you need assistance: <VIDEO LINK>

The Remaining 750 Pandas

  • The remaining 750 Solana Pandas are fair game to all market participants.
  • They will be sold in a Dutch auction on, with the price incrementally dropping every 10 minutes until price minimum is hit or they are all sold out.
  • Price will be denominated in Sol, and opening bid will be announced closer to mint date.
  • In order to take part in the minting of the remaining 750 Solana Pandas, you’ll need to head to the site:
  • Please note that you’ll need Solana (SOL) in your wallet to purchase a Panda.
  • So, let’s get you a Solana Wallet so that you can take part in the minting process.

Setting up Your Solana Wallet

Please note that integration of Backpack as a wallet is still ongoing, and will not be available in time for the Solana Mint. In the meantime, the only two wallets available are Phantom & Solflare.

Phantom Wallet

  • You need to ensure that you use the link below
  • You’ll see the below when you arrive at the Phantom site
  • Please go ahead and select download in the top right corner.
  • Make sure to select the relevant web browser that you’re using for your download
  • You’ll then see the below left image when added to your browser correctly
  • Follow the process of setting up a new wallet
  • After the wallet is set up, you’ll see the image on the right when you select the wallet in your browser
  • You’ll now need to load funds into your Phantom wallet by either depositing or purchasing through Moonpay or Coinbase Pay (which are the two options in the wallet)


The Solflare installation is essentially the same as the Phantom Wallet, so please go ahead and follow the same principles for this wallet

  • You need to ensure that you use the link below
  • You’ll see the below when you arrive at the Solflare site, where you need to choose your Operating System after you click download
  • Then go ahead and add to Chrome (which is what we’re using in this example)
  • After you’ve added Solflare to Chrome, you then go through the process of storing your recovery phrase
  • The steps after you’ve added the wallet are the same as Phantom from here

Note: In the below Minting examples, we use Phantom Wallet, these steps are exactly the same for Solflare too.

The Mint Process

Connecting Your Phantom Wallet

  • Once your Phantom or Solflare wallet is detected, connect it following the prompts.
  • Now go ahead and select ‘MINT’

Please ignore the 734/1000 — this is from our testing environment and is shown for reference purposes (same as the reason the price is hidden)

  • After you’ve selected ‘Mint’ above, you’ll see the below image, where your wallet will ask you to approve the transaction. You’ll most likely be prompted to enter your Phantom / Solflare wallet access password during this process
  • Please be sure to click ‘Confirm’ on your Phantom or Solflare wallet
  • When the transaction succeeds, you’ll see a message stating that your NFT has been successfully minted!

Where to From Here? Head to the PPDEX

When you’ve minted your Panda, or Panda’s, you’ll be able to head over to the PPDEX where you’ll see them in your ‘My Account’ Section

First of all though, let’s get you an account made up on the PPDEX.

Creating Your PPDEX Account

  • Head on over to
  • Follow the prompts to make an account as per the below image
  • Then when you’re taken in to the PPDEX, you’ll see a modal which will prompt you with where to go to connect your wallet.
  • When you’re past the modal, you’ll see the below image
  • Click your user icon to see a drop down to access ‘My Account’, which you need to click
  • From there, you’ll see your profile as per below
  • Make sure to click ‘Add’ as shown, circled in red
  • Select your desired wallet
  • From here, you’ll then be able to see your unrevealed Panda waiting for the reveal, which is 48 hrs after the completion price of the mint is hit.

New Solana Traits

Upon the reveal of your Panda, you’ll be greeted by some definite and potential surprises with our SOL Trait exclusives

There are 4 x guaranteed free items for every SOL Panda, and 9 x free items that will be randomly assigned to Pandas through our SOL Trait Lottery (not everyone gets one!)

Where to find SOL traits?

After the reveal, if you head to the PPDEX, and go to the ‘Lab’ section on the main page, you’ll see your Panda in all it’s glory

  • From here, you simply select the desired Panda to find out the goodies that they received by clicking on the inventory button (which is denoted by the briefcase button)
  • From here, your Panda’s inventory will be displayed, which is where you can then select the items to equip them to your Panda!

So that’s it — you’re now fully versed in how to mint your Solana Pandas!

As always, please reach out to us in Discord if needed, where we’re more than happy to run through any issues that you may face


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