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Kanpai Pandas Solana Mint is Officially Here!

The much anticipated final 1000 of the Original Kanpai Pandas Collection will be unlocked and available for mint on August 15th on the Solana blockchain.

They will be sold in a Dutch auction on, with the price incrementally dropping every 10 minutes until price minimum is hit or they are all sold out. Price will be denominated in Sol, and opening bid will be announced closer to mint date.

So what is inside the mint?

  • 1000 Pandas from the original 10k collection with refreshed artwork.
  • x3 ONE OF ONES
  • x16 ALIENS | Approx. value 6–8ETH each
  • x30 ZOMBIES | Approx. value 3–6ETH each
  • x44 GOLDS | Approx. value 2–4ETH each
  • Pandas will come with accrued pts (backdated from when we started issuing Panda Points). You can use points on to win raffles or customize your artwork

As a bonus, all Pandas will receive 5000 bonus PP points and will receive a variety of 12 randomly distributed Solana(inspired) exclusive traits that can be accessed in their inventory.

Want a whitelist to guarantee a mint?

The only way to get a whitelist spot for this mint is to purchase one on OpenSea here. These passes were originally airdropped to Panda holders that collected a Panda on all 7 available chains.

Already have a whitelist?

In order to make the mint a smooth and seamless experience, we have enabled EVM payments of $400USDC [original mint price] with verification of white list NFT to mint your Panda for free on mint day.

Here is what you will need:

  • $400 USDC (EVM)
  • One KP 8th chain Whitelist NFT
  • Your Phantom or Backpack Solana Wallet Address

Visit our discord or twitter for upcoming announcements regarding the mint and to receive official links. The claim page will be opening soon.

So what happens after mint?

There will be a 48 hour window for artwork reveal. We suggest opening a account to access your freshly minted Panda and to reveal it. You will also be able to see which additional traits you won in your Panda’s inventory tab.

What about secondary?

If you want to pick up a Solana Panda they will be available on Opensea, Blur, Magic Eden, Tensor and several other Solana NFT exchanges. We highly recommend confirming a Pandas inventory and Panda points before sending offers in panda browser.

Important note:
The 1000 Sol Pandas will not be transferable to the other 7 Panda chains immediately. This will only be possible when we migrate them to the omni chain contract which is still tbd.

When new traits?

We want all the new panda holders to enjoy and engage the ppdex platform. So we will be releasing a new trait pack 1 week after reveal. Keep an eye out!

Are you new to pandas? Why should you mint?

Check out this article to see what we have to offer.



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