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Kanpai Collective — Season 2

Season 1 of our initial release of the Kanpai Pandas apparel was a huge hit. Adorned by several major athletes and appearing all over mainstream TV and social media, including ESPN and the Joe Rogan show.

Our goal was to launch an apparel brand to extend our brand reach and appeal to any audience, not just crypto natives. We’re off to a great start.

Now is the time to energize the collection in one of many future releases. Introducing Kanpai Collective and Season 2:

We’re taking it back to what got us here. Throughout this collection, we rely on themes from the early Kanpai Panda days — the journey in all its glory.

We have:

  • Established new branding
  • Identified our mission and who we represent — what it means to be in the collective.
  • Introduced new designs that support and represent both of the items above.
  • Introduced Kanpai Fight Club, a combat sports-inspired athletic line
  • Introduced D+RIP as a Web3 digital component to stay fashion forward

Season 2 features:

  1. Essential Tees, Pants, Shorts, and Hoodie
  2. Levels Tee
  3. Some Apologies Hat
  4. JOINTHECOLLECTIVE.EXE Long Sleeve / Night Mode Variant (Glow)
  5. Kanpai Pandas Sticker Pack
  6. Kanpai Fight Club Tank Tees

View the Season 2 Lookbook.

View the Season 2 Lookbook. (19 pages of new stuff)

Within the new collection, we are introducing Kanpai Fight Club.
Kanpai Collective has a big presence in the combat sports world, and it’s only fitting that we offer athletic wear for all your fitness needs and to support your favorite athletes.

We have also introduced D+RIP in Season 2.

Physical and virtual items are the future of fashion, and we are hopping aboard this spaceship. All D+RIP items have an interactive digital component that adds complexity and excitement to traditional garments.

Everything you need to know about D+RIP.

We’d love to see you rocking some fresh Season 2 gear. Grab some here.



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