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It’s all about that D+RIP

The fashion world has been long known for recycling style eras [we’re back in the 90s right now], but there is that age-old question, what is the future of fashion?

Digital + Real Items for Pandas — D+RIP

For the Kanpai Pandas crew, our answer comes to you in the form of a question — how many times have you Said “I’d rock that” when you have built out your panda on our platform? Welp, that’s how we feel. We are proud to announce D+RIP [Digital Real Items for Pandas] — our newest endeavor that closes the loop between the panda and the person.

As we continue to expand our world in both Web3 and Web2 across different playgrounds [sports leagues, athletes, and media], we have meticulously observed what some of the biggest global brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma have attempted and coupled that with listening to our community regarding how it has become increasingly vital to create a deeper connection between one’s digital and physical self across everything we do. Let’s face it, if it’s not digital it’s not timeless, but if it’s not physical it’s not “real” — Meta af, we know, but enough with blowing your minds, because it’s not that deep.

This is how it works!

🛒 When buying a D+RIP item, you get a digital (as a trait on the PPDEX) and a physical item.

[TLDR: D+RIP items are token-gated for panda holders only and can be purchased using crypto or fiat on the PPDEX. The first release will be on Thursday, July 6 — half of the supply will drop at 9 AM EST and the other half at 6 PM EST. Shipping is included in the price]

🙌 In addition a select collection of items [for example the revised RUGD Hoodie (coming soon) and the ice bling pendant] are NFC enabled and when scanned can offer a wide range of exclusive interactive digital and real-life experiences in our ecosystem.

🐼 And we wouldn’t be where we are without [listening to] our devoted community. The majority of [soon to be all] of our items have QR codes to ensure everything we do or create provides value in driving awareness to the Kanpai Pandas platform and respective NFTs.

D+RIP will collaborate with some of the world’s best brands to expand our offerings to our devoted supporters by enhancing the PPDEX with new D+RIP trait drops.

Stay connected to our socials because D+RIP items will be delivered through raffles or in lootbombs. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on any of D+RIPs we will be dropping soon like…

Our first D+RIP products:

  • Ice Bling Pendant (HFS)
  • Black Bling Pendant (Legendary)

And first QR code items products will include:

  • SophDegen White (Uncommon)
  • SophDegen Black (Rare)
  • SophDegen Trucker Hat (Uncommon)

For all you Web2 heads, don’t fret! Check out our Twitter; everything you need to know to be part of our movement will be there.

#MicD+RIP but more to come!

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