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Kanpai Pandas x Karate Combat Partnership! 🐼🥋

Kanpai Pandas and Karate Combat have kicked off a partnership to undertake the largest airdrop competition to happen in web3. We’ll be airdropping and rewarding nearly seven figures (USD) worth of $KARATE for free to Panda holders who have signed up and partake in the upcoming tournament, where they can top of the leaderboard and out-compete each other in Karate Combat’s new, no-loss Up Only Gaming app throughout 2023.

Karate Combat is a professional martial arts league specializing in full-contact, professional karate competitions. The organization has quickly gained traction in martial arts, with several big names involved in the project.——-dd6f8f78c758.html&theme=light&widgetsVersion=01917f4d1d4cb%3A1696883169554&width=550px

Notable ambassadors for Karate Combat include Georges St-Pierre, former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion, and Lyoto Machida, former UFC light heavyweight champion. Bas Rutten, former UFC heavyweight champion and Hall of Famer, is also heavily involved in the project as the lead commentator for Karate Combat events.

With events held in various locations worldwide, Karate Combat is the ideal match to service the worldwide reach that Pandas require. Karate Combat is providing KP holders exclusive tickets to every event for the duration of this competition— the full list of events can be viewed here. If you’re unable to attend these events, Karate Combat events will be streamed for free on their website, with the next event (Karate Combat 38) on April 1st 2023 in Miami. We’re giving away 20 tickets to Karate Combat 38; if you’re interested in attending this event in Miami (Panda holders only), open a ticket in Discord, and we’ll get you sorted.

Karate Combat’s next event

Pandas will also become one of the largest stakeholders in the league, cementing our belief in the league and the partnership. This is a fun and exciting way for Panda holders to compete against one another for massive airdrops throughout 2023 — which they can watch live through stream or IRL.

If you’re unfamiliar with Karate Combat, watch this video to watch the league’s best moments in 2022:

We can’t wait to kickstart this partnership, more details will be dropped in the following weeks. Kanpai!


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