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#OverDogsPod by Kanpai Media 🐕🍿

In May, we announced Kanpai Media — the one-stop shop for all Kanpai Pandas news and content. An aggregated platform hosting a mix of original and professional content delivered in an informal tone. Kanpai Media will cover various topics, from gambling and sports to crypto and distinctive personalities. By streamlining and unifying communication across our social channels, we’re shaping our content to cater to different demographics, establishing social media affiliations, and incorporating advertising to generate publicity and revenue.

Overdogs is a 20-episode series that will be the first show by Kanpai Media — hosted by renowned MMA fighter Sam Alvey, MMA Twitter personality Mac Malley, and KP CEO, Ice Bagz . The podcast will feature an intersection between MMA, betting, drinking, and truthfully, dumbsh*t — where the world’s top fighting talent roast each other. Overdogs is serious about being unserious. Besides roasting, the podcast will give viewers behind-the-scenes content and a peek into “what it takes” as a fighter personally and professionally.

Each Overdogs episode will feature one or two guests, with Sean Strickland, Mike Perry, and Bo Nickal piloting the first episode! Collectively, the Overdogs pilot episode will be featured to over 1.5 million of the guest and hosts’ followers on their respective social media channels.

We’re stoked to have launched and streamed the pilot episode on Kick, which is also available to be watched on YouTube, or listened to on Spotify (as seen above). Stay tuned!


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